Climate change news

Playing Games

At ... 12 Indian meteorologists demonstrate how warming can be discovered in temperature records. Another sign that Western science is taking a back seat and the future belongs to the Chinese and the Indians. A temperature record for all of India shows no increase in net warming since 1951 or 1705 but when scientists select a cold year and draw in a red hot short term upward trend for that cold year warming miraculously appears.

How About That

Sea levels were 32m higher than today 13,800 years ago - in southern Greenland ( ) ... an embarrassment of water. Sea levels rose at a very rapid rate of knots between 12,000 and 10,000 years ago. However, they peaked at Nanotalik on Greenland by 32m above modern sea levels between the end of the Late Glacial Maximum and the Younger Dryas episode. During LGM they were at a very low ebb but rose sharply during the Bolling-Alleroed interstadial.

Mincing with Birds

At ... for years wind turbine operators denied their contraptions kill any birds. They even employ people to go round each day and pick up the corpses in order to hoodwink the general public. The Royal Society for the Preservation of Birds hid their heads under the table cloth for years and have only recently mentioned the subject, as the evidence on the internet had become too great to shout down.

Greenhouse Science

Coming back down to earth we have the August newsletter from ... which is a review of what happened in July on the climate war frontier. This begins with another dose of Lindzen's paper concerning what we know, what we might suspect, and what is known as incorrect about climate change. The greenhouse effect, temperature trends, climate models, ocean chemistry, and sea level rise. Later, the newsletter turns to a review of the work of William van Wjyngaarden and William Happer which also concerns the greenhouse effect.

Upside Down Data

A few years ago we had an example of a Finnish lake sediment database used upside down in order to demonstrate the idea of global warming. The so called hockey stick used another trick with temperature data. Now, it seems, we have another example - see ... its a short piece but has lots of comments. Only a few are worth reading. It refers to an Antarctic temperature reconstruction that demonstrably differs from previous offerings - sticking out, as they say, like a sore thumb. Bound to arouse investigation. And it did.

Science and the Press

An interesting riposte by an Australian geologist of note, Ian Plimer, to climate alarmist reporters who took exception to an article of his in The Australian (which is in the Murdoch stable and out of reach of their tentacles). However, that didn't stop them trying to take a high moral path, with typicle puffed up arrogance. The Press Council in Australia, not your garden variety of ordinary journalist but one charged with having some common sense as it is supposed to be able to pontificate on complaints it receives from the public.

Homeric Minimum

The Homeric Minimum is a postulated solar minimum event dated between 2800 and 2550 years ago, an inordinately long  time for the sun to remain quiet. See ... a period of low solar activity is hypthesized in a period of time which Velikovsky was to locate his series of fly bys by an errant planet.

The Roman Warm Period

Benny Peiser's newsletter on 24th July 2020 has the following post - ... which is telling us all something that was very well known 50 years ago, let alone in more recent research. See for example page 156-8 of HH Lamb, 'Climate, History and the Modern World', Routledge:1982 and HH Lamb, 'Climate: Present, Past and Future' (1972). One is left a bit flummoxed when they suggest this is something new, or are they saying something slightly different to earlier researchers.

Auntie Antics

Here we have a graphic illustration of how the BBC does climate science. We've endured their political shenanigans over Covid 19 and the pure theatre of their opposition to Brexit but surely their incessant bigging up of climate doomsterism is the ultimate in self indulgence. The full weight of BBC propaganda is all too obvious but this story takes the biscuit. A dunking biscuit. It seems Willie Soon got a missive by an editor of an upcoming programme on BBC television - where the outcome has been decided before it starts.

Amazing Grace

Amazing grace saves a wretch. I have seen the light and changed my mind. See for example ... which is about someone changing their mind. Not just somebody but an environmentalist, Jim Steele. He has been a sceptic for a while. Recently, he had a heart attack and this is his response.