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Cryovolcanic Comet

25 November 2022
Astronomy, Electromagnetism

At https://spaceweather.com [November 24th 2022] we have news of a ‘cryovalcanic‘ eruption on a comet issued by the British Astronomical Association. This comet is classified as 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann. An amateur astronomer, Patrick Wiggins, watched 29P increase in brightness by over four magnitudes. The baton was then taken up by Andre Debackere who made use of the Faulkes Telescope on Hawaii, in order to photograph the expanding shell of debris. We are then told this appears to fit the model of the comet developed by Richard Miles of the British Astronomical Association. This explains their involvement as they have skin in the game, it would seem. Miles is of the opinion 29P is festooned with icy volcanoes. Not your regular earth like volcanoes that pour out magma, molten rock, from the innards. No, he theorises they spew out liquid hydrocarbons. The cryomagma is suffused with dissolved gases N2 and C0 – much like carbonisation in a soda bottle. These volatiles, when bottled up, have a tendency to explode.

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