Geology news

Intrusions in Diamonds

Jewellers consider intrusions in diamonds a blemish - and they fetch a much lower price than diamonds that gleam more brightly. Geologists, on the other hand, are interested in the intrusions - minerals that got into the diamonds at some point during the process that made the diamonds. It is in fact a crucial factor as far as Plate Tectonics are concerned - or could be if one or two geologists made a point of pointing out that it contradicted the mainstream geological mantra. See ...

Earthquakes and Volcanoes

It's a bit cold this spring. Lots of heavy clouds in the sky. At ... the long haul we are told. The volcanic eruption on Iceland's Reykjane Peninsular, 20 mile or so from the captial. Reykjavik, looks like it will continue for a long time. Recently. had a spectacular image of aurorae over the volcano ...

Greenland Vegetation

Scientists stunned to discover plants beneath a mile deep of ice on Greenland - the big story of last week. Sent in by William and by Gary. See for example ... and variously ...

Antarctic Magnetic Link to Gondwanaland

Robert sent in the link to ... researchers have magnetically linked Antarctica to its former status as part of Gondwanaland. The eivdence is derived, in part, from ESAs Swarm satellite mission -as well as aeromagnetic data from geological sources. The idea is to reveal the mysteries beneath the massive and thick Antarctic ice sheet. We may note that Gondwana was composed of South America, Africa, Madagascar, the Antarctic, Australia and New Zealand, as well as India.

The Watchers

According to the National Seismological Centre at the University of Chile more than 30,000 earthquakes have been registered in the Bransfield Strait, a 60 mile wide channel between the South Shetland Islands and the West Antarctic Peninsular - between August and December of 2020. A swarm  of further earthquakes  broke out between December of 2020 and January of 2021. Why all this hyper tectonic activity?

Is It Coming Undone

Ice Age theory includes the idea  that sea levels drop as ice is locked up on land, a theory that has never really been tested with field data from the around the world. A new paper in the journal Nature openly admits that the Late Glacial Maximum far field sea levels and oxygen isotope proxy records do not fit. There is evidence in the North Atlantic, at this time, of a huge switch in sea levels - but did it have anything to do with the amount of water locked up as ice.

A dip in co2

A dip in coi2 - not now but back then. 214 million years ago. The magic gas strikes again - see ... which seems to be another case of geochronology causing problems and confusion. A PNAS study has been looking at the speed of dinosaur migrations in the Jurassic. TGhe sauropodomorphs were a group of long necked dinosaurs that are thought to have first appeared in South America around 230 million years ago.

A Jurassic Rift

At ... actually, the  first sign of the rift began in the Triassic but it was accelerated in the mid Jurassic. At this time a  thermal dome rose up leading to upheaval as far west as the Hebrides, although the focus of the article is really about the geology of the North Sea basin. The dome was followed, in time, by an upwelling of lava, the Rattray Volcanic region. It was located at the point of a triple junction - between Norway and Scotland, to the east of the Shetlands.