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12 Nov 2020
Fossil controversy

Gary and William have been sending in links over the last few weeks that I've been unable to post, for a variety of reasons. We are now getting back to normal, it is to be hoped, and I'll kick off with a link sent in by Robert. The subject is soft tissue fossils which are said to reveal incriminating trends at ... which claims 85 reports of biomaterial, such as proteins, have been discovered  inside fossils. We are not told in what form the fossils occur - or if they were petrified in situ.

12 Nov 2020
Viking burials

William sent in a Yahoo link to this story but you can see it at ... which comes with images. A previously unknown burial and ritual site at Gjeelestad in Norway has come to light, complete with what is said to be a feasting hall, a cult house of the dead, and a ship burial. The archaeologists used ground penetrating radar to make their discoveries, rather than using a trowel on their hands and knees. It seems to have begun life as an Iron Age cemetary but in the Viking era was expanded into a more elaborate affair.

14 Oct 2020
Pink and Perky

At ... Electroverse is a sort of alarmist blog preaching global cooling is on the way. Nevertheless, it picked up this story with an origin at [11th October 2020]. No sun spots. No solar flares. No coronal mass eruptions. No gust of solar wind. No reason to expect an outburst of auroras on October 11th - but there was. Over Norway, at least, as both sites have a nice image of it. A complete range of colours - including pink. The explanation is that a crack opened in earth's magnetic field.

14 Oct 2020
How About That

Sea levels were 32m higher than today 13,800 years ago - in southern Greenland ( ) ... an embarrassment of water. Sea levels rose at a very rapid rate of knots between 12,000 and 10,000 years ago. However, they peaked at Nanotalik on Greenland by 32m above modern sea levels between the end of the Late Glacial Maximum and the Younger Dryas episode. During LGM they were at a very low ebb but rose sharply during the Bolling-Alleroed interstadial.

14 Oct 2020
Thor and Odin

Two posts sent in by Gary - at ... the remains of a 1200 year old Norse place of worship dedicated to gods such as Thor and Odin. It has been discovered in western Norway. At the wooden temple, 45 feet by 26 feet, and almost 40 feet in height, sea  faring Vikings came to make sacrifices to the gods, it is alleged. As gods were unable to dig their teeth into the offerings, or the ale that came with them, it was left to the worshippers to have a bit of a tuck in. Lots of speculation here but nothing unusual from the modern media.

6 Oct 2020
Anglo Saxon warrior grave

Sent in by Kevin. See ... see also ... archaeologists have uncovered a warrior burial in Berkshire, southern England, on a hilltop site with commanding views over the Thames valley. It was found in Marlow and the burial was pagan and undisturbed, going back to the 8th century AD. The burial was actualy discovered by a pair of metal detectorists. They belonged to a local metal detectorist club, in Maidenhead.

4 Oct 2020
Pesky Details

At ... modern humans, in a new study, are said to have arrived in the westernmost parts of Europe between 41,000 and 38,000 years ago, some 5000 years earlier than previously allowed. Stone tools normally associated with modern humans, in this instance the Aurignacians, have been found in Portugal. This implies there was a rapid dispersal from the Eurasian, or Russian Plain. At the same time, we are informed excitedly, that modern humans probably occupied Europe prior to the extinction of the Neanderthals.

4 Oct 2020

Oulton, near Lowestoft, famous for Oulton Broad, a large lake formed by peat extraction, now sports an important Anglo Saxon cemetery with 200 graves. It is thought it dates contemporary to the Sutton Hoo ship burial in the 7th century AD - see ... but unfortunately, it doesn't mean the cemetery was solely for the Anglo Saxon newcomers. It only means it was a cemetery in use during the early so called A/S period. The connection with Sutton Hoo may have no real meaning, but I don't want to spoil a good story.

4 Oct 2020
Penguin Fossils

At ... which begins, snow melt caused by global warming .... reveals mummified penguins and hundreds of bones hidden for 5000 years - under ice in the Antarctic. First of all, one may note that if pneguins were living there around 5000 years ago, it must have been as warm, or warmer, than it is now, in the modern world. In fact, when you dig into the article you will find it has been as warm on several occasions - not just 5000 years ago.

4 Oct 2020
A New Moon Rising on the Way

At ... a study of the motions of comets has led to the idea the solar system has a second alignment plane.

At ... a video of an earth grazing meteor skipping across the top of the atmosphere and bouncing back into space.