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7 Sep 2021
Missing Rocks

Robert sent in the link ... and .... the first link is to Andrew Hall who posts at Thunderbolts and the second one tells us some interesting facts about the Grand Canyon. Why are some rocks missing from the geological column? It seems they have found a way to explain away the so called Great Unconformity, which was first noted back in the 19th century. The solution found is a series of small faults - with the emphasis on small. They occurred way back beyond - Pangea.

7 Sep 2021
Balkans Farming

At ... Switzerland is famous for its Neolithic lake dwellings - on wooden piles. Now, they have looked at a site in a lake in the Balkans, Lake Ohrid. The findings are in the Journal of Archaeological Science [Sept 2021]. To be more precise, the lake is in the modern state of Macedonia, and was occupied from the 5th millennium onwards. No surprise there as it was the 6200BC event that set the farmers [endemic in Anatolia] to move into Europe.

19 Aug 2021
Plasma of Bloodlines

Interesting post at ...  which is about coats of arms and heraldry in general. Symbols have been passed down through the ages. In this post by Marinus Anthony Van Der Sluijs he says such symbolism goes back into the prehistoric period. Harold Bayley said something similar in his books, several volumes, 'The Lost Language of Symbolism' which was first published in 1912 by Williams and Norgate of London. His book has been reproduced by Bracken Books [Random House] London:1996.

19 Aug 2021
The Sun flips its magnetic field every 11 years

This intriguing statement is at ... the Sun flips its magnetic field every 11 years. How does it do that? A new mystery for science it would seem.

15 Aug 2021
Hoarded by Hyenas

At ... were they taken into the cave system slowly over a long period of time or were they washed into the lava tubes by water. Archaeologists have been doing a bit of research in Arabia's largest lava tube system and they found thousands of bones - said to have been deposited by hyenas. That is one big assumption on the part of the archaeologists.

14 Aug 2021
Arthur's Stone

The block of upland between the Herefordshire Golden Valley and the Wye river valley is fast becoming revealed as the hosts of an integrated Neolithic ceremonial landscape. See ... Arthur's Stone has a massive capstone raised on a series of supporting but lesser stones. However, the monument, it seems, originally extended into a field to the south of the tomb. It had first been a long mound, or barrow, comprised of stacked turf retained by a palisade of upright wooden posts surrounding the mound.

14 Aug 2021
Moon and Magnetism

Sent in by Gary ... fresh analysis of Apollo moon rocks suggest the moon did not have a magnetic field of its own. Researchers analysed impact glass like rock dated just 2 million years ago and found a magnetic field was present as the rock cooled and solidified. However, it is thought by that time the moon's magnetic field should have weakened -as it is absent in the modern world. Another piece of consensus science has taken a battering - literally as well.

14 Aug 2021

At ... Negrito remnant populations living in the Philippines, suc as the Ayta Magbuken, preserves the highest level of Denisovan DNA and ancestry - even more than the New Guinea highlanders. Migrants from what is now the SE Asia mainland settled in the Philippines, and across the island archipelagos of Indonesia, during the early Holocene or Late Pleistocene, when much of Indonesia was a single landmass joined to the mainland.

7 Aug 2021
Information gleaned from a small core of rock at Stonehenge

This story is at ... and ... Back in  1958, during restoration work at Stonehenge, one of the uprights was found to be cracked. Three cylindrical cores were drilled out of the stone. One of them was kept as a souvenir by a chap who later emigrated to the US, taking the core with him. Later, the stone was returned, when he was in his 90s, some 60 years later. It has a tale to tell.

7 Aug 2021
The Griffin

William sent in the link ... geomythology has produced some very interesting parallels between, shall we say, geology and legends. However, it can also be an excuse to stretch the imagination. In this piece from Marshall University we begin with the Greek legend of the Titans in which Zeus and the gods vanquish the older generation of immortals, as recorded by Hesiod. It goes on to suggest it had something to do with the eruption of the Thera volcano in the Aegean.