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8 Jan 2022
Younger Dryas Out of Bed

Gary sent in the link to ... 'Premature Rejection in Science: the case for the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis' by James Lawrence Powell. The progress of science has sometimes been unjustifiably delayed by the precaution rejection of a hypothesis for which some evidence existed, and which was later verified and achieved consensus recognition. Continental Drift for example, meteorite impact cratering, and global warming are the three examples he gives.

5 Jan 2022
30 tons of TNT

William sent in the link to ... a loud bang shook homes in Pittsburgh over the New Year. The National Weather Service noticed a flash captured by its satellite's 'Geostationary Lightning Mapper' in a neighboring county. The flash had no connection with lightning, it would seem, and the only other explanation was a meteor exploding overhead. A couple of days later meteorologist Myranda Fullerton confirmed the flash was a meteor.

5 Jan 2022
Why is the Pot warmer than the Stove

At ... the phenomenon of corona heating remains one of the mysteries of solar physics, it is said. Why is the pot warmer than the stove? The corona reaches temperatures of several million degrees celsius. Assessing a hot trail to explain the effect leads to just below the corona where plasma waves travel at the same speed as sound waves.

5 Jan 2022
Antikythera Mechanism II

Gary sent in another link to an article on the Kythera mechanism. An interesting read. Go to ... but see earlier post on the same research at

5 Jan 2022
Aboriginal Aurora

At ... by Fuller and Hamacher in the Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage  20{3] pages 349-359 [2017]. Australian researchers have recently homed in on Aboriginal tribal lore to see if they have preserved a memory of unusual geological incidents and astronomical events in the past. They lighted on an oral tradition collection by a school teacher, one Charles Peck, back in the 1930s. This appears to describe two simultaneous phenomena.

28 Dec 2021
Comet Leonard

Comet Leonard will round the Sun on January 3rd [next week]. It is already proving to be an interesting passage through the solar system - see for updates. In fact, as of the 27th December, the tail has now broken up as a result of buffeting by the solar wind. Multiple outbursts from the comet itself have also been observed. The break up of the tail is ascribed to a disconnection event, one of mainstream's theories on how the Sun and solar wind work. See also ...

28 Dec 2021
Tsunamis on Jupiter

Another one from Robert - see ... the Juno spacecraft hears Jupiter's moon Ganymede. Remarkable comparisons are made between phenomena on earth and jupiter, in the oceans and the atmosphere. This came during a Geophysical Union Meeting and a briefing by NASAs Tom Morris - complete with an audio tape of the electric and magnetic radio waves produced by Jupiter's magnetosphere. Their frequencies were shifted into the audio range to make an audio track which you can listen to at the link above.

27 Dec 2021
Venus and alien life

Gary sent in the link to ... life forms could be living in the clouds of Venus. It appears to come from the same press release as ... It is assumed the atmosphere of Venus is acidic and is 96 per cent made up of co2. This idea goes back to the 1960s and 1970s, and the theory of a runaway greenhouse effect on Venus to account for its very hot surface. This was long before volcanoes were discovered on the surface - still active.

27 Dec 2021
Brachiopods, Aurochs, and Fungi

Brachiopods are small, shelled, filter feeding ocean dwellers that are extremely abundant and well preserved in the fossil record. These qualities make them ideal for studying disturbances in the environment, including mass extinction events - in the past. At ... the subject is the Devonian mass extinction event - and an attempt to study how life forms coped with it. those that went extinct as much as those that did not. However, one problem is obvious from a casual look at the press release.

27 Dec 2021
Clovis Gone

At ... DNA evidence of the spread of Clovis people determined they had disappeared 9000 years ago - replaced by a new group of people in North America. It now emerges from DNA of the Clovis people that had spread into Central and South America, that they too disappeared around 9000 years ago. The research was done by David Reich and colleagues and published in the journal Cell. This is a biological journal that has apparently become geneticist friendly.