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Cosmic Catastrophism: Velikovsky’s 100th Birthday Memorial Weekend

29 Sep 1995 Conference

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth, the Society invited its members to a special weekend meeting on the legacy left by Velikovsky and the growing popularity of scientific catastrophism.

  • David Salkeld (UK) – The Velikovsky Centenary Conference in New York.
  • Dr John Dayton (UK/Tenerife) – What do the Antarctic Ice Cores reveal about mankind's past?
  • J B Delair (UK) – When the Earth Nearly Died. Evidence of World Cataclysm in 9,500 BC.
  • Graham Hancock (UK) – Fingerprints of the Gods. Do ancient relics point to an advanced civilisation 15,000 years ago?
  • Dr Heribert Illig (Munich, Germany) – Cosmic Catastrophes and the Origins of Megalithic Cultures.
  • Dr Mark Bailey (UK) – Results of the 1995 'Tunguska Conference' in Russia.
  • Prof Gunnar Heinsohn (Bremen/Germany) – Imaginary and Expected Catastrophes. Apocalyptic Desire and Scientific Prognosis.
  • Dr Benny J Peiser (UK) – Great Balls of Fire. The catastrophic origins of the Mesoamerican Ballgames (slide show).
  • J Eric Aitchison (Australia) – Evidence for a neat year of 365 days in prehistory.


30th September-1st October 1995 At Braziers College, Ipsden, Wallingford, Oxford

The Proceedings were published as C&C Review Vol. XVII.  The Proceedings, with complete papers, can be obtained from the SIS Book Service as a back issue.


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