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Lake Sediments in Utah

7 April 2022 Geology
Ancient sediments are usually dated via a uniformitarian lens but when the known history of a sediment bed is investigated it can lead to some

Dinosaur at the Boundary Event

7 April 2022 Geology
Sent in by William. Look at the image. The Interior Seaway is perfectly aligned with Chicxulub. At ... the leg of a dinosaur, complete

Mercury and Magnetic Storms

4 April 2022 Electromagnetism
At ... two research papers involving Chinese scientists, one in Nature Communications and the other in Science China Technological Sciences, have confirmed the planet

Liangzhu Collapse

2 April 2022 Catastrophism
In Current World Archaeology 112, 'Climate Change and Ancient Civilisation' we are told that the Liangzhu culture of eastern China, at its peak between 3300

Electron Rain

2 April 2022 Electromagnetism
At ... it seems Electric Universe ideas are catching on. Rather, they are being verified by research. UCLA scientists say they have discovered a

Chelyabinsk Seismic

1 April 2022 Catastrophism
A paper on the seismic effects of the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor explosion in the atmosphere has been published in Seismological Research Letters volume 84 number

Sacred Pool aligned to Orion

1 April 2022 Archaeology
At ...  a sacred pool aligned to the stars - in the Phoenician city of Motya, located off the coast of Sicily. An excavated

Curse Inscription Mount Ebal

1 April 2022 Archaeology
At ... inscribed on a tablet of Aegean lead, mined it would seem during the Mycenaean period. The curse is in proto-Canaanite script and

Ice Free Corridor

30 March 2022 Geology
At ... researchers have found evidence there was an ice free corridor between Beringia and the Great Plains, so it is said. The results

Why did the Norse abandon their farms on Greenland

30 March 2022 Archaeology
Why did the Norse abandon their farms on Greenland? At ... which is derived from ... Norse farmers arrived in Greenland during the

Cannibal CME

30 March 2022 Astronomy
A cannibal coronal mass ejection is heading for the Earth, due to arrive tomorrow, the 31st of March. We have entered a cold period this

Heat Wave in Antarctica

28 March 2022 Climate change
William sent in a link to temperatures 70 degrees above normal have been registered in the interior of Antarctica, according to a Twitter post

Ryugu and Apophis

27 March 2022 Astronomy
At ... supermassive black holes put a brake on the birth of new stars. This is the latest claim, and it involved machine learning.

Victoria to Victorian

27 March 2022 Climate change
At ... in the State of Victoria, in Australia, wind turbine noise has led to a shut down of the Bald Hills wind farm

Waves on the Sun

26 March 2022 Electromagnetism
At ... researchers have discovered a mysterious type of wave in the Sun with an unexplained speed. They are being called high frequency retrograde

Climate Musical Chairs

25 March 2022 Climate change
At ... it seems that enviros and politicos, puffed up with the success of covid lockdowns, now want an energy lockdown, Paul Homewood tells

A Triassic Story

25 March 2022 Geology
One to ponder. At ... researchers have revealed that soil erosion as a result, or cap in hand with wildfires, contributed to the end

Milky Way is Older Than Expected

25 March 2022 Astronomy
At ... the ESA Gaia Mission has shown the Milky Way began to form 13 billion years ago. Much earlier than anticipated. This is

Hawaiian Emperor and the Yellowstone

25 March 2022 Geology
At ... the Hawaiian Emperor seamount chain spans four thousand miles, stretching from the Hawaiian Islands to the Detroit seamount in the North Pacific.

Hiawatha Impact Crater New Date

12 March 2022 Catastrophism
Danish and Swedish researchers have now dated the giant Hiawatha crater, 31 km wide, discovered in Greenland, back in 2015. Go to ... The
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