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Lake Baikal

19 February 2010 Geology
Daily Galaxy February 17th (www.dailygalaxy.com ) ... Lake Baikal is the oldest, the largest and the deepest lake on the planet. It's reckoned to be

The Vancouver Sun and archaeology stories

17 February 2010 Archaeology
Two stories from the Vancouver Sun (see www.vancouversun.com and click on archaeology stories). On December 29th 2009 it was revealed that a study has found

Ice Age Anomalies

17 February 2010 Climate change
Science News February 11th ... coastal caves on the Ballearic Islands just off the coast of Spain (including Majorca) have produced some very surprising evidence

Corals in the Andaman Sea

17 February 2010 Climate change
www.physorg.com February 15th ... corals in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea in the NE part of the Indian Ocean have upset AGW alarmism

Medieval High Life

17 February 2010 Ancient history
Irish Times at www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/ireland/2010/0216/1224264553851_pf.html February 16th ... archaeologists in Kilkenny have discovered evidence of medieval abbots living the high life - the remains of roast

Bronze Age boats in the Atlantic

17 February 2010 Archaeology
www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/environment/archaeology/7228108/Bronze-age-ship.html Daily Telegraph, February 13th ... a trading vessel carrying a cargo of tin and copper ingots was found on the sea bed off the


17 February 2010 Ancient history
http://www.newkerala.com/news/fullnews-50538.html February 13th. This Indian newspaper says that explorer Colonel Blashford-Snell has discovered evidence of a canal in Nicaragua, a route between the Atlantic and

Avenue of Sphinxes

16 February 2010 Ancient history
http://weekly.ahram.org.eg is the web site of Al-Ahram Weekly, February 15th ... the avenue of sphinxes once connected the temples of Luxor and Karnak, where processions


16 February 2010 Climate change
http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/02.15/hatton_on_hurricanes/print.html The Registor, the blog of Andrew Orlowski, claims more trouble is heading the way of the IPCC as they may need to reassess the


16 February 2010 Mythology
In WA Cummins, The Age of the Picts, Stroud:1996, on page 75, there is a symbol of a double disc and a Z Rod (see below).

The case of the younger dryas extraterrestrial impact event

16 February 2010 Catastrophism
An article in Journal of Cosmology volume 2, pages 256-285 Oct 27th 2009, 'The Case for the Younger Dryas Extraterrestrial Impact Event: Mammoth, Megafauna, and

The Science of Greenhouse Gases

14 February 2010 Physics
http://scienceofdoom.com is a blog about greenhouse gases, particularly C02. It is basically a series of long articles written by the blog author in response to

Cold Fusion

14 February 2010 Inside science
http://scientificcomputing.com/Cold-Fusion-Rebirth-New-Evidence-for-LENR.aspx ... a short article on the rebirth of Cold Fusion under the banner of LENR. Cold Fusion got such a bad reputation a few

Ice Shelving

13 February 2010 Geology
www.physorg.com February 11th ... a study published in Geophysical Research Letters describes how ocean waves originating along the Pacific coasts of North and South America

Black and Dead comets

13 February 2010 Astronomy
February 11th NASA newsflash (see full story at www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/ ) ... a new satellite, launched in December to track NEOs has discovered it's first comet.

C14 calibration

13 February 2010 Archaeology
www.physorg.com February 11th ... Gerry McCormac and Paula Reimer of Queens University in Belfast (the '14 Chrono Centre') have created a new archaeological tool, a

More on the AGU Fall Meeting

13 February 2010 Catastrophism
George Howard's web site http://cosmictusk.com has a post on a talk by Tom Stafford, author of Redefining the Age of Clovis; Implications for the Peopling of America which

Tarasenko Genadiy

13 February 2010 Electromagnetism
Tarasenko Genadiy sent a message to 'In the News' concerning a theory that there are two hollow spheres within the earth that have a role in electro-magnetism. Astronomer


12 February 2010 Evolution
New Scientist (online version) January 26th ... an article speculates that Darwin's ideas were only a part of the story of evolution. Darwin's explanation may

Hobbits and small brains.

12 February 2010 Biology
Science Daily January 30th ... is the brain of the Hobbit too small is the question being asked. Research from a team at Cambridge and Durham
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