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Yilan Crater

Chinese Crater

5 March 2022 Catastrophism
William sent in a couple of links to the same story. See for example ... See also  Meteoritics and Planetary Sciences 56, Nr, pages

End Permian

5 March 2022 Geology
At ... the end of Permian event included a lot of volcanic activity and seismology. We may also note it also involved the initial
HR 6819 image

The Black Hole that was not a Black Hole

5 March 2022 Astronomy
At ... new research using the Very Large Telescope Array and the Very Large Telescope Interferometer have revealed that a black hole does not

Skye Pterosaur

24 February 2022 Biology
At ... the same story can be seen at a variety of links and websites. I've chosen the Daily Mail link because it comes

Hopewell Decline

19 February 2022 Archaeology
There are now a lot of web sites to visit on the decline of the Hopewell culture, which was based in the valley of the

Moving the Poles

18 February 2022 Electromagnetism
Some interesting articles in the current issue of 'New Concepts in Global Tectonics' several of which have a geomagnetic connection. See and click on

Anglo Saxons

18 February 2022 Archaeology
Susan Oosthuizen it the author of 'The Emergence of the English' Leeds:2019, which questions the idea of a mass invasion by Anglo Saxons in the

Water on earth

18 February 2022 Geology
At ... where did the water on earth come from? This new study effectively eliminates outer space via comets and meteorites as the source

A dinosaur eating crocodile

18 February 2022 Biology
William has provided the link to ... fossils of the beast were first found back in 2010 in eastern Australia. The fossil is said

Tilting the Earth

16 February 2022 Geology
At ... the headline caught my attention - tilting the earth's crust governed the flow of ancient megafloods. How does that happen? If the

Geomagnetic excursions and reversals

15 February 2022 Electromagnetism
Marinus van der Sluijs has an article in Nexus magazine on geomagnetic excursions and reversals. Go to ... the same subject was covered in

Chalk Drum

14 February 2022 Archaeology
At ... concerns the discovery of a chalk drum - with some interesting zig zag markings. It goes back 5000 years in date, deep

Mandrin Cave

12 February 2022 Archaeology
At ... Mandrin Cave, near Montclinier in southern France, is throwing up an oddity for archaeologists, but unsurprisingly one that supports the recent idea

Fleet Marston

10 February 2022 Archaeology
Having already been aired on Clark Whelton's email list it would be interesting to note what is already known about Fleet Marston, a Roman settlement

Comets Past Future

10 February 2022 Astronomy
At ... another link to the Hopewell comet paper exploding over North America. Sent in by Gary. At ... which is another link

Roaming Black Hole

9 February 2022 Astronomy
We've had all kinds of black holes over the last few years - see earlier posts. Now we have a free floating black hole roaming

Magnetic Reconnection and Black Holes

5 February 2022 Astronomy
At ... black holes, it seems, aren't always dark places, or invisible. Astronomers have seen intense light shows, or flares. Using computer simulation physicists

Ice Age Devon

4 February 2022 Geology
Devon is famous for its red soil and its Cambrian period red rocks which colour that earth. However, fossils of extinct Ice Age animals such

Hopewell Meteor

4 February 2022 Catastrophism
At ... the Hopewell culture in North America fell into decline 1500 years ago, which is not unlike the setbacks faced by the Romans

Humans in Arabia

4 February 2022 Archaeology
At .... evidence that Palaeolithic people repeatedly occupied a rock shelter in southern Arabia has been found, dating back 210,000 to 120,000 years ago.
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