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9 February 2010 Archaeology
The Boston Globe (online version), January 11th ... the discovery publicised a couple of years ago of the find in a cave at the mouth of the Wadi Gawasis

Big Heads

9 February 2010 Evolution December 28th 2009 ... the cranial capacity of Boskop skulls found in South Africa in the early 20th century are the subject of this article


9 February 2010 Physics February 5th ... research on semi-conductors caught in the act electrons forming complex patterns, resembling those seen in turbulent fluids. This is said to

Stonehenge Hedge

9 February 2010 Archaeology
The Guardian February 4th ... Stonehenge is revealing more secrets. Archaeologists have uncovered evidence of the Great Stonehenge Hedge. Apparently, around 2000BC (a date that

Smoke and Fire

9 February 2010 Biology
Science Daily ... a paper in Journal of Natural Products claims fire and smoke play a significant role in the rebirth and regeneration of forest

Biological Enigmas

4 February 2010 Biology
Science Daily, November 20th 2009 ... palaeobiological researchers have found evidence that during mass extinction events that punctuate the history of life, open ocean marine

Evolutionary Enigmas

4 February 2010 Evolution
Rancho La Brea tar pits ... these are found in the heart of Los Angeles and are a rich source of fossils - over 565

Physics and Cosmology

4 February 2010 Physics January 28th ... One goal of the Large Hadron Collider is to find the Higgs boson, the only particle in the standard model that

Catastrophic Scenarios (real or imagined)

4 February 2010 Catastrophism
Science Daily January 27th ... the Neanderthals are now said to have died out in Iberia 37,000 years ago, coinciding with dramatic changes in climate

Earth Science Stories

4 February 2010 Geology
Science Daily, January 21st ... the Kimmeridge Clay deposit is a well known geological formation that runs across middle England - only surfacing at a

Space Anomalies

4 February 2010 Electromagnetism
Science Daily January 20th ... MIT professor Richard Binzel has examined what influence Earth might have on asteroids - which appear to be substantial. He

Chronological Matters

4 February 2010 Ancient history
Biblical Peoples and Ethnicity: An Archaeological Study of Egyptians, Canaanites, Philistines and Early History, Atlanta, Society of Biblical Literature: 2009 ... an in-depth study of


4 February 2010 Anthropology
The Guardian January 22nd ... Israel is to fund a genetic study to determine if there is a link between the lost tribes of Israel

Astronomy and Space

4 February 2010 Astronomy
University of Buffalo News June 11th 2002 ... this is interesting though an old post. Research has squeezed evidence out of ice cores to show

Douglas Keenan

4 February 2010 Climate change ... the on-running web site of Dougls Keenan has some interesting articles including one on C14 dating and tree rings. Douglas Keenan has also

Silbury Hill, and other archaeological news

4 February 2010 Archaeology
Gazette and Herald, February 2nd ... letters that were archived over 200 years ago seem to suggest Silbury Hill may originally have been constructed around

Younger Dryas Event Update (January 2009)

31 January 2010 Catastrophism
George Howard, on his web site/ blog is reporting on the Fall Meeting of the AGU which included a session on the Younger Dryas

Hebrew Script

22 January 2010 Dating
Science Daily January 8th 2010 ... a researcher has decyphered a Hebrew inscription on a pottery sherd from the Elah Valley and dating to the


22 January 2010 Archaeology
The BBC History magazine volume 10:12 December 2009 ... has an article on the Vikings and what may have drove them to attack the monasteries

Post YD History

22 January 2010 Geology
Associated Press 29th November 2009 ... the geography department of Northern Michigan University has spent three years on the shoreline of Lake Superior and have
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